Crafting for the Uncrafty

  • Exploring the Fun of Retro Rubber Stamps

    The allure of crafting with stamps knows no bounds, offering a versatile avenue to infuse repetitive yet captivating designs onto surfaces as diverse as paper, fabric, and wood. Both seasoned artists and aspiring hobbyists are drawn to the enchantment of stamping, breathing life into an array of projects including card making, bookbinding, party adornments, and creative DIY endeavors. 

    As you embark on this artistic adventure, prepare to transform ordinary into extraordinary, recycling and personalizing with an affordable touch. Are you ready to unveil the magic of stamping and let your creativity soar?"

  • 10 Craft Ideas for Summer Vacation

    Summer is a great time to do crafts for several reasons. Firstly, the warm weather and longer days provide ample opportunity to get outside and be creative. Secondly, summer is a time of relaxation and fun, making it a perfect time to take a break from the daily routine and get involved in a fun craft project. Additionally, summer is associated with a more laid-back and playful vibe, making it easier to embrace your inner creativity and try something new. Whether you're making summer-themed decorations, beach-inspired jewelry, or just trying a new DIY project, the possibilities are endless during the summer months. So, get out there and get crafting!
  • Transform Your Space in Minutes with Removable Vinyl Decals!

    Removable vinyl decals offer an easy and affordable way to add style and personality to any room. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, these decals can be used to decorate walls, furniture, and home decor items. Simply clean the surface, plan the design, apply the decal, and enjoy a transformed space in minutes!
  • Get Creative with Felted Wool

    Felting has been a traditional craft for many cultures for thousands of years, dating back to ancient times. The basic technique of matti...
  • DIY Cherry Beret: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than by making your own custom cherry beret? This DIY project is perfect for adding a touch of spring to your wardrobe and is great for coaxing the season along. All you need is a store-bought or thrifted beret and some faux cherries.
  • Elevate Your Style with Embroidered Patches - Add a Personal Touch to Your Clothing and Accessories

    Using patches to customize your items is a sustainable and upcycling way to give new life to old items. With patches, the possibilities for customization are endless, and it's a fun and creative way to personalize your possessions.
  • Still Game Weclome Mat

    This is an easy DIY that will bring a smile to the face of any Still Game fan. In case you don't know, Still Game is a Scottish television show. Y...
  • Mini Things Make Me Ridiculously Happy

    See some laughable examples of hand-sewn mini animals.
  • Denim Fish Ornaments

    Hello, my friends! I thought you might enjoy these denim sea creatures as an inspiration to make something from scraps. We cleaned out our closets ...
  • October Project : Ouija

    Do you find Ouija fascinating? I had the Parker Brothers game when I was a kid and it was always a source of speculation and deviousness when playe...
  • 1-Hr Mural Wall Project

      Today's project wasn't even on my radar until I decided to paint an accent wall in the living room. I decided on bright blue but when I got the ...
  • DIY Paper Mache Easter Nest Bowl

    Supplies: White Glue or Modge Podge Plastic wrap Water Sponge brush, paint brush (optional) Newspaper, packing paper, paper towels Bowl (to use as...