She's Got Legs Bunting

 Celebrate Friendship with a DIY Leg Silhouette Bunting Craft 

Galentine's Day is all about celebrating the amazing women in your life, and what better way to do that than by hosting a fun and creative crafting session? Get your girls together and add a personal and stylish touch to your party decor with this unique leg silhouette bunting project. It’s not just a decoration – it’s a memory-making activity! Here’s what you need to get started.


  • Black Card Stock
  • Colored or Patterned Paper
  • Markers, Pens
  • Buttons, Glitter, Trims, and other Embellishments
  • Mini Clothes Clips
  • Ribbon (for hanging) 4 yards
  • Leg Silhouette Template (or use a cutting machine, if you have one)

Let the Fun Begin:

  1. Trace and Cut the Leg Silhouettes: Kick off your Galentine's crafting session by tracing leg shapes onto the black card stock. If you have access to a cutting machine, it can make this step a breeze. You’ll need about 18 figures for a 4-yard bunting.

1. Dress Them Up: It’s time to unleash your inner fashion designer! Cut out various clothing items like skirts, dresses, shorts, and pants from colored or patterned paper. Don’t forget accessories like belts, boots, and shoes. Each of your guests can decorate their figures – some might go for unique styles, while others might prefer a uniform look. Glue these onto your silhouettes and allow them to dry. LegsDecorated LegsDress Legs
2. Assemble Your Masterpiece: Once the figures are ready, string your ribbon across the party area. Use the mini clothes clips to hang your stylish leg figures evenly along the ribbon.
3. Add Sparkle: Intertwine some fairy lights with your bunting to create a magical and festive atmosphere. This touch is sure to bring a cozy and charming vibe to your Galentine's celebration.


👗Other ideas: Use these as place cards, Valentine's, gift tags, or ornaments.

She's Got Legs Bunting

Enjoy Your Creation: Your leg silhouette bunting is more than a decoration, it's a memory of silly fun and a celebration of friendship. Enjoy the laughter, the creativity, and the companionship as you and your friends create something colorful and interesting - together.

Make your event a day where you and your friends can get creative, celebrate your unique styles, and strengthen your bonds.  💖👯‍♀️🎨

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