Crafting for the Uncrafty

  • All Hallows Eve Post Seance Menu

    The food and drinks should be served in a way that complements the spooky atmosphere of the seance. You can use food coloring, edible gli...
  • How to use a Spirit Talker/Ouija Board

    Ever wondered how to use a spirit talker aka ouija board? What should you ask? How does it work? How do you ensure you only get Casper's and no Chuckie's? Read on, dear friend - we're breaking all down for you.
  • How to Host An All Hallows Eve Séance

    Unveil the mystique of a Halloween seance with our comprehensive guide. From crafting the perfect eerie setting with dim lighting and haunting decor to curating a guest list attuned to the supernatural, we walk you through each step. Explore tools like planchettes and pendulums to enhance spirit communication and discover the art of respectful interaction with the otherworldly. After the seance, satisfy appetites with delightful nibbles and extend the enchantment with Halloween-themed party favors. Embark on a supernatural journey this Halloween, creating an experience filled with mystique, reverence, and enchantment. 🌙👻🎃
  • Elevate Your Style with Embroidered Patches - Add a Personal Touch to Your Clothing and Accessories

    Using patches to customize your items is a sustainable and upcycling way to give new life to old items. With patches, the possibilities for customization are endless, and it's a fun and creative way to personalize your possessions.
  • October Project : Ouija

    Do you find Ouija fascinating? I had the Parker Brothers game when I was a kid and it was always a source of speculation and deviousness when playe...