Crafting for the Uncrafty

  • Exploring the Fun of Retro Rubber Stamps

    The allure of crafting with stamps knows no bounds, offering a versatile avenue to infuse repetitive yet captivating designs onto surfaces as diverse as paper, fabric, and wood. Both seasoned artists and aspiring hobbyists are drawn to the enchantment of stamping, breathing life into an array of projects including card making, bookbinding, party adornments, and creative DIY endeavors. 

    As you embark on this artistic adventure, prepare to transform ordinary into extraordinary, recycling and personalizing with an affordable touch. Are you ready to unveil the magic of stamping and let your creativity soar?"

  • 5 Reasons You Need A Pen Pal & How-To Guide

    Did you have a pen-pal when you were a kid? I did. Recently, I considered the profound way the experience stuck with and shaped me.  What is a pen-...