unCrafty Jan 2024: The Season of Fog and Sand

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Hello, Dear Friends - How have you been?

Personally, I find myself yearning for a sun-drenched escape, as the Pacific Northwest has been cloaked in a persistent, soggy fog for weeks now. Usually, I dig the atmospheric moods, but even I must admit that the allure of brighter skies is increasingly tempting.

Luckily, I have a trip to tropical Michigan planned for next week. What? Frozen Rain?

There is a lesson in there somewhere—when setting our intentions - specificity matters.

Still, I'm excited to see friends and family. It also means I need to get my Valentines in the mail!

For this year's Valentine's, I wanted something fun and versatile and landed on what ended up being a delightful crafting project – creating leg silhouettes.

leg silhouette bunting

I fashioned these charming figures in just an hour, perfect for creating Valentine's bunting, gift tags, and unique Valentines. For those who fondly remember the joys of Fashion Plates as kids, this project will reawaken that playful creativity.

Speaking of fun, have you considered hosting a Galentine's party? It's a beautiful way to celebrate friendship and love in all its forms. If you're searching for some creative inspiration, swing by the blog. I've put together a few ideas on how to make your Galentine's celebration a hit.

As I navigate these winter days, I’m trying to create my own moments of joy – be it a craft project, funny moments shared with family, a gathering with friends, or even the anticipation of an extra wintery getaway to Michigan! What are you doing to spark joy for yourself this winter?

Stay warm and inspired, Endora

🧭 Here's what's on my radar this week:

💜I met someone who knew Prince this past week, and wow! I'm even more fascinated by him. Purple Rain rocked my world when it came out. Prince's solo in this all-star tribute to George Harrison in 2021 is fantastic if you haven't seen it. That suit and half-cocked hat is…*chef's kiss.

🍳Even after seasons of Great British bakeoff, I still can't achieve puff pastry like this picture, but it's still tastes delicious. Use a rotis chicken and pre-cooked bacon, and it's in the oven in 10 minutes. This recipe works equally well with ready-made pie crust. Chicken and Mushroom Puff Pie.

📔This finally came up in my library waitlist. Morgan Is My Name - Sophie Keetch. I'll let you know.

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