Celebrate your Gal-entines with a Themed Evening

Feb 13th, or Gal-entine's Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the bond of friendship and sisterhood. If you're looking to throw a themed evening to mark the occasion, here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect party:

1. Choose a Theme

The first step in throwing a fabulous gal-entines party is to select a theme. Will it be heroines, spa, paris, tarot, coffee, wine, games, yoga?

    Select a theme that reflects the interests and personalities of your guests. One idea is to invite guests to dress up as their favorite heroines from books, movies, TV shows, comics, etc.

    If you need party theme ideas check out my massive pinterest board dedicated to the topic.

    2. Invitations

    Butler bringing invitation on a silver tray.

    Ok, the butler might be over the top but you should absolutely set the tone for your party with fun and creative invitations. You can make your own using free programs like Canva or use online invitation tools to create digital invites.

    3. Decorations

    Galentines day is nothing without decorations - bring your theme to life!

    Use decorations to create a festive and inviting atmosphere. Decorate the space with posters and images of iconic heroines and their respective stories. Create a photo booth area where guests can take photos dressed as their favorite heroines.

    4. Food and Drinks

    Curate a menu that takes your theme to the next level.

    Serve food and drinks inspired by your theme. For instance, for a Heroines theme, you might serve treats such as such as Baby "RBG" cupcakes, "Wonder Woman" smoothies or "Katniss Everdeen's" badass chicken. I know a couple of vodka martinis always have me feeling like Wonder Woman!

    5. Activities

    games and activities can make it easier to connect

    Plan activities that will get your guests interacting and having fun Provide opportunities for guests to bond and connect, such as a friendship bracelet-making station or a "heroine secrets" sharing circle. Games, quizzes, or discussion about the role of heroines in popular culture and the impact they have on women and girls are other great options. Here's a fun activity: make custom fortune cookies! No baking required! 

    6. Party Favors

    party favors help cement the fun of the evening in guests memories.

    Send your guests home with a small gift to remind them of the special evening. Here are some ideas for small, inexpensive gifts that can be used as party favors:

    1. Candles: A small candle can be a thoughtful and practical gift for your guests. Choose scents that are seasonally appropriate or that match the theme of the party.

    2. Wine glasses: A custom-etched wine glass is a great way to commemorate a special occasion such as Gal-entines Day!

    3. Keychains: A keychain is a simple but useful item that can be customized with a monogram or other design to make it special.

    4. Bookmarks: Book lovers will appreciate a unique and stylish bookmark as a party favor.

    5. Gourmet sweets: Treat guests to something sweet with gourmet chocolates, candies, or other sweets.

    6. Mini succulent plants: A mini succulent plant can bring a touch of nature to your guests' homes. (You can find these in home improvement and even grocery stores.)

    7. Coffee mugs: A custom coffee mug can be a great way to say thank you to guests and make them smile every time they take a sip.

    Remember, the key is to choose gifts that are both useful and personal, so your guests will feel appreciated and remembered long after the party is over.

    Have fun and show your friends some love: Gal-entine's Day is all about celebrating the bond of friendship and sisterhood, so be sure to express your appreciation for your friends and the role they play in your life.

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    • Sounds fun! Lace frosting on the RBG cupcakes I presume, Endora?


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