Pink Holiday Nutcracker Patch Set, Iron On. Detailed and colorful nutcracker designs. Customize dance bags, jeans, hoodies, or coats. Sew them onto pillows, scarves, or any material for some instant holiday fun!

Pink Holiday Nutcracker Patch Set

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Add a touch of fun and drama to your holiday wardrobe with this set of finely finished pink nutcracker iron-on patches. These patches feature detailed and colorful designs of two different nutcrackers, making them perfect for those who love the holidays and ballet. This collection includes two large patches, each perfect for adding to bags, jeans, or shirts.

Made of high-quality materials, these patches are durable and easy to apply, ensuring they will last a long time. They are perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of fun and whimsy to their clothing.

- Two large iron-on patches.
- Patches measure approximately 4"

    Add a touch of fun to your wardrobe and order your embroidered Nutcracker patches today!