unCrafty Jan 2024: Uh...Ugh

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Hello, Dear Reader - How have you been? I feel like I lost a week somewhere. I looked up and we’re already a week into January.

What began with a mundane attempt at multitasking before New Year’s  – balancing a laptop, a bottle of water, and the simple act of turning on a light – culminated in a static shock that sent my week into an unexpected spiral. It's remarkable, isn't it, how life can be upended by the flip of a light switch?

⚡This small yet significant incident led to the demise of my laptop, a sobering challenge for someone whose world orbits around an internet-based business.

Dark mornings followed by dark afternoons of unrelenting fog and rain, and using a MacGyvered computer for the past few weeks has left me a bit uninspired. But I finally got back into the groove of coaxing a limping machine, had a nice planning day, and mapped out my goals for the next six months. I'm back to feeling focused and ready to rock.

Do you set goals? Make resolutions? Are you a planner, or does that strike you as too regimented and unrealistic? I've always been a planner, likely because it involves paper and stickers. Just kidding. I also love to do-lists.

I've always liked a quote by Louis Pasteur, who said, "Chance favors the prepared mind." Which I always interpreted to mean observing opportunity is easier when you have a basic framework.

What do you think he meant?

Whether you're a planner or a spontaneous traveler in this life journey, I hope your year is off to a beautiful start, filled with anticipation for the mysteries and joys yet to unfold.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’re having a terrific week!

xoxo, Endora


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