Mini Things Make Me Ridiculously Happy

Sewing tiny animals and fashioning accessories has brought me an insane amount of joy in the past year. I would be embarrassed to admit it - but, hey, it's free and doesn't hurt anything but my street cred. 

Making mini things starts to affect the way you see things. For one, I recycle more than I used to. I've always been a scrap hoarder but noI take a closer look at molded plastic and bits of wire before putting them in the actual recycling bins. 

Stray pieces of past become vases or plates. I have a fantasy vacation that involves lots of wine, my fave crafting partner and a mini mouse empire build.

If you haven't tried this yet - it's very fun. There is no wrong result. It's surprising how much expression and personality a few stitches or marks can imbue.

Here are some pictures for inspiration. These mice are based (loosely - you know how I am at following instructions) on a pattern by Ann Wood. 


Tillamook Mouse Apartment

Razzy the Mouse

Bon Voyage!

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