Embrace the Journey. Add a Patch.

Have you ever been laid off?

I have and it sucks. One of the residuals of my job loss was a bunch of gently used promotional gear. I donated some to charity and gave some to my former co-workers, but there were a few pieces that but I held on to. But wearing them, felt like donning the varsity jacket of my high school boyfriend long after he dumped me.

Recently, I was at a networking event where everyone was looking for a job. It felt a little depressing and I left feeling really grateful that I can now do what I love. So, when I came home I dug out my old jackets and -Enter the patch.

Jacket with patches sewn over corporate logo.

Adding a patch to my old gear was like a symbolic step towards closure. It allowed me to take something old and make it new again, transforming a painful reminder into a source of inspiration. If you've recently been laid off, I just want to remind you that it's not a reflection of your value. You are still talented, capable, and valuable, and it's only a matter of time before you find the right opportunity. In the meantime, embrace the journey, and don't be afraid to add a patch of your own. #Hugs

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