DIY Paper Mache Easter Nest Bowl


  • White Glue or Modge Podge
  • Plastic wrap
  • Water
  • Sponge brush, paint brush (optional)
  • Newspaper, packing paper, paper towels
  • Bowl (to use as a mold)
  • Brown acyrilic paint and paintbrush
  • Black marker or paint and detail paintbrush

1.  Flip a bowl over on a baking tray so that it is upside down and cover it with plastic wrap.

2. Tear newspaper into medium sized strips or sections.

3. Pour some glue in a bowl or plastic cup. Thin with water. 

4. Coat individual strips of paper with watery glue and lay over the inverted bowl mold. Overlap strips in a crisscross pattern until the entire bowl is covered. Let the frilly edges lay on the baking sheet, 

5. Allow the paper to harden and dry. This can take a few hours or up to overnight.


6. Using some brown paint, sloppily paint the inside and outside of the paper nest.

7. Using black paint or a black marker, draw lines around the nest simulating twigs and vines. You can trim the frilly edges, add a handle or leave it as is. 

8. Fill your nest with eggs or goodies! 

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