DIY Felt Ginger Faux Food

I've been on a ginger kick lately and thought it would be fun to make a felt version for my niece who is at the felt food stage (internal clapping and jumping up and down!) 

Ginger is bumpy and gnarly and irregular. Perfect for my brand of crafting!

You probably don't need a pattern, but for the risk adverse - here you go. 


  • Felt
  • Needle
  • Thread 
  • Scissors
  • Fiber Fill
  • Fabric Marker


1. Draw yourself a ginger root on scrap paper. 

2. Cut two felt pieces in the shape of the pattern.

3. If your fabric/felt has "right" sides - put them back to back.

4. Stitch ginger root about 3/4 closed using tight, neat stitches.

5. Use a chopstick to help turn the project "right" side out. 

6. Stuff with fill or wool. Use chopstick to help fill the nubbly ends.

7. Finish stitching your root closed and knot tightly.Use a non-toxic fabric marker to add details. Use pattern as guide if needed.

8. Enjoy your ginger root!

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