Denim Fish Ornaments

Hello, my friends! I thought you might enjoy these denim sea creatures as an inspiration to make something from scraps.

We cleaned out our closets at the change of the season and because I have a problem, I've already scavenged the donations twice. These fun and easy ornaments are the product of one of those raids.

Superfans will recall that I received a parcel of vintage rick rack a few months back. I was pleased to be able to put some of that in action!

I'm including these in my packages and using them on the tree in my office. I love the amount of expression you can get with a knot of thread. 

Sea Creatures DIY Ornaments

The supplies list is pretty spare for this project. Yea!

  • Scrap fabric
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Fill
  • Embellishments (rick-rack, beads, lace, ribbons, buttons, etc)

Denim Jellyfish DIY

DIY Denim Jellyfish Ornament

DIY Denim Fish Ornament

Rick Rack Collection

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