Gift Guide | 25 Gifts to Celebrate Mom

Chances are no one will love you as much as your Mom. Make sure she knows you appreciate it. 

1. A RobeFloral Robe

2. A Streaming Subscription

3. A Paint By Numbers Kit

Our Kits come complete with everything you need!paint by number DIY kit

4. A Cute New Handbag

5. Bath Accessories

6. Spa Treatment

7. Manicure/Pedicure and some new Flips

8. A Walk and Picnic

9. A catered lunch or dinner

10. Plants or container garden

11. New Bedsheets

12. Lunch and a Movie

13. Museum Visit and Lunch

14. Farmer's Market and Brunch

15. Spring clean her yard and gutters

16. Everyday Jewelry

17. A sun hat and gardening gloves and tool

18. Books or supplies for her favorite hobby

19. Host a party for her - plan, clean and serve

20. Teach her how to use one social media platform and buy her a password book

21. Buy some essential oils and candles

22. Ask her about her life and favorite memories

23. Practice meditation together and download an app for her

24. Buy her a weighted blanket

25. A nice bottle of Brandy and some new snifters are a classic!

Happy Mother's Day!



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