1-Hr Mural Wall Project


Today's project wasn't even on my radar until I decided to paint an accent wall in the living room. I decided on bright blue but when I got the paint home I chickened out and decided it might be better to test it out on a less well trafficked area. The victim? An unsuspecting bathroom that has thus far been spared any of my "improvements."

I sort of slapped some paint on the wall in a haphazard fashion because frankly, I wasn't really in the mood for the project and I was fairly resigned that I had chosen the wrong color. 

But, once it was up - I really started to like it and it got me inspired! I began thinking about the beaches in Hawaii and how nice it would be to be whisked away. Sadly, that didn't happen. So, instead, I taped off the baseboards and started splashing some paint on the walls. Almost the same thing.

I was doing some spring cleaning last week and found some thick packing paper that seemed right for a soft sponge painting type finish. I also experimented with using latex gloves. It worked but I liked this finish better.

Wall Mural Accent Technique

You can obviously use a paintbrush to make these accents - but, I felt at my skill level it would look a bit to "stripey" and it felt intimidating. This felt more freeform and "meant to be." No, those are not the technical art terms.

Moving horizontally (side to side) I used long pushes until the paint ran out. If you reuse the same piece of paper (bags, gloves, rags) make sure you keep the colors in the same place - and keep your paper in the same orientation each time - otherwise you will end up with a muddled stripe. *I had to remind myself a few times to keep the Navy stripe oriented toward the ceiling. 

Wall Mural 3

Keep working at it until you like the result. Push paint horizontally, and keep your darker accent color as separate as you can on your tool. 

If you get a little freaked out (I did) - take a little break, text some photos to your friends, and come back to it. Remember - It's only paint and you can cover it up cheaply and easily.

Use your brush to stipple in some shading if you need to cover or blend. Remember to twist your wrist and work the paint at different angles so it doesn't make a discernable pattern. Step away frequently and take in the wall as a whole. I left the top choppy on purpose. I don't like things that look too perfect or contrived. That's just my personal style. You could easily go to the ceiling if you like a more finished aesthetic.

Wall Mural 4

Using a clean brush, add highlighting as you see fit (white in this mural.) Highlighting should be next to your darkest color. 

Is it the ocean? An agate? Misty mountains? Yes! That's the beauty of abstract art.

If you hate it - just let it dry and start again. 

If you need me, I'll be working my way around the room...

Supply List:

  • Interior Latex Paint - I bought a gallon, but only needed a quart to do the entire room. The base color in the photos is Glidden Deepest Aqua (30BG 33/207) in Flat.
  • 2 accent colors - I used Navy and White. The little bottles of acrylic paint you get at craft stores is fine.
  • Paintbrush - I used an old 2" brush I had.
  • Painters Tape
  • Paper, Rags, or plastic bags (to add accent)

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